By Djc on 03 Aug 2014

Liquid Rhythm lets you create intricate, interesting beats with unprecedented speed and precision. It’s the first sequencer that lets you make beats using note clusters and patterns instead of individual notes. And it completely streamlines your workflow. Get started using the built-in sample library, trigger your virtual instruments, and experiment with new rhythmic patterns. Whether you use a Mac or PC, Ableton Live or other DAWs, Liquid Rhythm will help you realize your music’s full potential.

Deep Integration with ableton live

Liquid Rhythm and Ableton Live 9 Suite combine to create the ultimate solution for MIDI-based beat creation. Liquid Rhythm’s powerful MIDI sequencing and editing tools integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live’s production and performance workflow to make it quicker and easier to experiment with new rhythmic ideas and craft complex, memorable beats. Thanks to the Max for Live bridge, you can build, explore, and manage tracks in real time while your MIDI data constantly updates between the two programs. As an added bonus, Push users benefit from our custom user script designed to specifically enhance the speed of workflow. Your Push controller will even light up with Liquid Rhythm’s distinctive colors.

Editing drum tracks on a piano roll is a tedious chore. Like reciting the alphabet backwards or solving a Rubik’s cube without taking the stickers off. So, don’t do it anymore. Liquid Rhythm lets you create unique, elaborate beats using note patterns and clusters—entire bars at a time. It’s the fastest way to experiment with new sounds and grooves. Assemble rhythm patterns for any instrument four notes at a time. Convert a straight-ahead hi hat track into triplets, instantly. The days of writing and editing on a piano roll are over.