DJc Herkules Mapping

By Djc on 15 May 2016

Hercules console

What is it?

Hercules MK4 is probably one of the cheapest console available on the market today, priced at about 50£, it offers a basic turntable mixer layout. The idea is to match its potential with the fully-featured software for Djs out there without spending a single penny more than its original price.

Traktor pro 2

This software has ruled the world of Djs for over 5 years now, allowing professionals to fully express their artistic potential through modern technology. Although many artists now use it, and a traditional workflow has been delineated, there are still some practical limitations. The key is to be able to customize the hardware layout focusing on the sound rather than adapting the sound to the hardware  used to drive the software. Let me assure you, that if you are brave enough to learn a different layout mapping, the results are amazing.

Multiple combinations, infinite possibilities

Traktor Pro 2 has a secret that enables anyone to make an incredibly powerful tool out of something basic: the modifiers. The modifiers incorporated into the structure of Traktor Pro let assign a specific combination of the control surface buttons to a particular software feature. Of course there must be a logical connection between the hardware combination and the feature edited, as to ease the user from the effort of mastering the new mappings.

Multiple interfaces

"If A is equal to X and B is equal to Y then C changes". This is the fundamental logic that gave me the opportunity to broadly extend a limited console like 'mp3 e2' in a limitless control surface, able to exploit the full potential of Traktor Pro. Only a traditional turntable mixer would be a waste when multiple interfaces (layout pages) can be created, characterised by multiple functions combined together with the purpose of a specific sound to achieve.

Super fun!

With this configuration, playing on 4 decks is easy and fun. Nowdays playing tracks like in the days of Vinyl it would be ridiculous and boring. So, many different aspects of a track can now be controlled with the jog wheel! As shown in the video we can create new sounds from a single track in real time.

Sampler mode

Amongst the different layouts I have configured, there is one in particular which has amazing versatility, the sampler mode. This mode allow to rapidly switch from one deck to another, due to the arrangement of the cue and effects, so that playing becomes exhibitionism. Using the console is now truly spectacular, just like a video game.


After so much work I realised that a single playlist was not enough to match a high performance audio sampler, and I needed a separate playlist for each deck. Although Traktor Pro did not offer a satisfying solution to my needs, I managed to implement a configuration which replicates a truly flexible 'live' working environment. Basically If you learn to use the mapping properly, then you can safely leave the mouse at home!


This configuration is compatible with 

  • Hercules Mk4 
  • Hercules Mp3 e2
  • Hercules Glow
  • Hercules DJControl Instinct
  • Hercuels DJControl Instinct for iPad